Level 12 Force Using Character in use by Buck Arsenault.


Jedi 7 / Force Adept 5

Str:12 Dex:14 Con:16 Int:17 Wis:18 Cha:20 Hit Pts:116 Threshold: 27 Speed:6 Initiative:13 BA:10 Perception: 21 Force Points:15 Special Abilities: Force Sight, Force Point Recovery

  1. fort save:27
  2. Ref save: 26
  3. Will save:31

light saber – damage 2d8


  1. Acrobatics:+13
  2. Endurance:+14
  3. Initiative:+13
  4. Perception:+21 (Via Use the Force)
  5. Use the force:+21
  6. Persuasion:+21 (Via Use the Force)

EQUIPMENT: Lightsaber, cold gear, breathmask, tux, rations (x7), Force Gem, bacta stick, 26,736 credits.

LANGUAGES: Basic, Miralukese, Shyriiwook, Huttese, High Galactic.

FEATS:Force Sensitivity, Skill Focus (Use the Force), Force Boon, Force Training 4x, Skill Focus (Perception).

FORCE POWERS:Force slam, Move Object 2x, Mind Trick, Force Grip 2x, Negate Energy 2x, Surge, Force Lightning 2x, Ballistakinesis, Detonation, Mindshard, Phase, Combustion, Fold Space 2x, Farsee, Force Shield.

TALENTS: Adept Negotiator, Force Persuasion, Damage Reduction 10(1FP), Equilibrium(1FP), Perfect Telepathy, Fortified body, Language absorption, Force Treatment.

Current EXP: 75,339 Needed: 78,000


Kernel’s family moved around a lot, for obvious reasons. He was born in the closing years of the Great Jedi Purge, and his family went to great lengths to hide the fact that they were Miralukan. While his heritage was vehemently denied, it could not be ignored, and he took great interest in any information he could find on the Force. At first he looked to the teachings of the Jedi, but over the years and with diligent study, he began to see the flaws in the thinking of the Jedi that ultimately led to their demise. Consequently, he seeks to uncover the mysteries of the Force through a much broader field of study. His academic interest caught the attention of the Imperial remnant’s Jedi hunters, however, and with a price on his head, he sought the aid of Drayken to help him disappear on Ordoga. And so he met up with the rest of the team.

He sides with Dylan because he believes that the Abyss Dragon ultimately holds sway over all the souls of the galaxy. He also feels that for people to escape the painful cycle of death and rebirth, they needed to be presented with a life as free of inequality as possible. This recent revelation is the reason why he’s recently taken a more proactive role in helping others. He furthermore seeks both to share and act on this philosophy by becoming the Voice of the Abyss Dragon, the mediator between the Dragon and its disciples.


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