Min Lo

Galactic Health Inspector


A Male Givin, and that is all that will be given regarding the matter.
Scoundrel 3/ Jedi 4/ Knight 2

Str 10
Dex 14
Con 14
Int 21
Wis 17
Cha 14

Base Attack:8 Speed:6
Fortitude 24
Reflex 22
Will 23

Feats: Force Sensitivity, Unstoppable Force, focus force, force trainning X3,Focus Beuracrat, Lightsaber proficiency, Point Blank Shot, Pistol Proficiency, (Working on Born Leader)

Skills:Acrobatics,Deception, Gather Information, Focused Knowledge Bureaucracy and Galactic Lore,Perception,Persuasion,Stealth, Focused Use the Force (Working on Use Computer)

Languages:Bocci,Hutt,Shrywook,Binary,Sys Bysti,Basic, Twi’lek, (Currently working on Sith)

Talents:Stymie,Darkside Sense, Knack, Resist the Darkside, Echoes in the Force, (working on Force Knowledge)

Force Powers:Cloak,Phase,Sever Force,Farsee, Negate Energy, intercept, surge, rebuke, battle strike, slam, move object, vital transfer (Working on Mind Trick, Technometry, Light)

Force Technique: Force Point Recovery


A Jedi or so he says….
This stuffy Givin would like you to believe he is a banker. He does know a lot about money, and investments, and laws… and loopholes. He is now the parties self proclaimed attorney and while most seem ok with this, he seems very stressed. Probably the most responsible party member, he can at times seem like a stick in the mud, but on occasion can be seen brandishing blaster pistols and swords, often making tacky jokes at the death’s of his foes; referring to some kind of bi-law violation. (I believe *you’re *the health code violation)

He is staunch, and steadfast, but likes to feint cowardice when he knows it will do no good. In fact he has a slightly morbid sense of humour, and doesn’t fear death, he’s fairly convinced she must be an attractive woman.

He is a Givin, who dresses in black. Everything he owns he is black. His fashion though seems Alderaanian? The only thing he has that isn’t black is his ghoulish body.

Min Lo

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