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Last Game Recap

Up all night rolling dice, and loving it

The team awakens in the middle of the night to hear strange murmuring coming from the warehouse where they set up shop and sleep. The group get’s up and investigates to discover that Rorryk is mumbling in a strange language in his sleep. After he is awoken he has no memories of any of it. Sobrask slips away and finds Drayken also mumbling in his sleep.(The group would later find out that the language is High Galactic) Dylan is consulted and he offers two theories. The first is that Rorryk has been under a lot of pressure over the past few days, especially with discovering that an evil force spirit has implanted part of his consciousness inside of him. The second theory is that since Malice is still somewhere inside of his head, that possibly he is reaching out while Rorryks brain functions are lax due to sleep. The party decides that not much else can be done about it and they return to bed. In the morning they arise and try to take care of a few of their affairs. Rorryk spoke with Hammer(after scaring him half to death by raving at him in Shrywook) about having a flashlight installed onto his bowcaster. While the team begins to converse they hear a large explosion coming from upstairs. They rush up to find out that Drayken has somehow become a Chain Shade.(A pair of chain shades were recently defeated outside of the warehouse, a possibility is a portion of one of their chains hid itself nearby and attached itself to Drayken) Dylan was able to use the force to make fleeting contact with Draykens mind to discover that Ja’eel has asserted dominant control of his body, and he was determined to kill the senator Garvin for having knowledge of the Ubese tragedy. Daniel the transporter was summoned and Roryyk, Sobrask,Kernel,and Strythus sped after him in hopes of stopping Drayken. The party arrived at the building in short order, and just as they were about to park their vehicle a gunman appeared from the crowd across the street and opened fire on them with a grenade launcher. His partner emerged from an adjacent shop and opened fire with a heavy blaster rifle. An intense shootout took place, but the party was able to defeat them without taking to much damage. After they saw a table crash through a window on the 6th floor,they quickly ran into the building, and made their way up to the 6th floor. There they found Drayken alongside two others. One was a Herglic named Willy, and Garvin that Drayken was holding outside the window with his chains. Rorryk ran over to Willy and eventually was able to help him slip free of the chains that held him. During this time the other members were able to talk Drayken/Ja’eel into letting Garvin down safely. Garvin then felt compelled to come clean, and he admitted that he descended from one of the old republic officials that ordered the preemptive strike that killed millions of Ubese people, and then covered it up. Garvin also told them why he hadn’t come forward, there were 3 other Nobles that had the other 3 pieces of the “Ubese manifesto” and that if he came forward he wouldn’t have enough evidence to support his claim, and his family would be in danger from the other 3 Senators. If the other 3 fragments could be acquired, he could compile them and he would step forward and take responsibility for the tragedy, and offer an official apology to the survivors of UbaIV. He warned the party that none of his resources could go towards the investigation or the others would know he was involved. He asked them to give him some time to go through some backdoor channels to give them a place to start, and then it would be up to them to find the other 3 fragments. Garvin then ordered his security man Willy to accompany them on their investigation. They team entered into the elevators to go check out a lead that Lowkuum had given Strythus in a force vision, but the elevator mysteriously stopped at the 5th floor. The elevator stopped there for a moment, and then opened. As the doors opened a fragmentation grenade rolled in and detonated. The party was ambushed by 3 men disguised as security that were hiding inside of cubicles. Willy charged forward and smashed through a large number of cubicles that limited their cover, which helped the team even the playing field. Kernel channeled the force to use a force slam that blasted down another large chuck of cubicles(as they were mostly made of tanned glass) and blasted out the large window. He then used his move object ability to hold a man out over the street and demanded he surrender. He dropped his gun and Kernel began to draw him back in. Rorryk didn’t trust his supposed surrender and shot him.(It turned out that he had a small side arm and a grenade strapped to his lower back that he planned on reaching for once he was dropped) While Kernel was doing this the others were able to dispatch the other shooters and Sobrask took the time to hack into security to see what was going on with the elevators. He discovered that an infiltrator that he and Strythus had run into twice before had somehow gotten into the control center on the first floor and had also hacked into the system. Once she realized she had been discovered she abandoned her terminal and ran away. With the danger passed the group made a pit stop at the warehouse, and then set off for the mysterious GPS coordinates that Lowkuum had provided. When they arrived they discovered a large worn down temple. Inside they found 3 bodies of Trandoshian adventurers that had uniforms that Sobrask recognized as the slaver crew he abandoned. After dealing with a portion of the ceiling coming down on them, they cleared a puzzle left for would be adventurers and progressed into the basement. It was there that they faced and completed a set of three challenges that tested Willy’s martial arts ability, Sobrasks agility and aim, and Kernels use of the force. Each time they were rewarded with a sphere that unlocked a hidden room. In there was a crystal of power that Lowkuum wanted Strythus to hold onto for him, as well as a warm expression that they would be meeting again soon. Lowkuum also revealed to them the location of the final piece of the cure they needed to cure Dylans comrades. Strythus would later on have a vision of the future, he was standing atop a hill alongside Lowkuum on a volcanic world. They were overlooking a vast army wearing golden armor. Lowkuum told him this was the evil that he was trying to prevent. The party then returned to the warehouse, and they received word from Garvin of a place for them to start their investigation. After a few hours of work the party found the probable locations of the other 3 fragments of the Ubese Manifesto. The first one that they would go after was hidden inside of a senators secret bunker in a northern snowy region. The group was air lifted in and dropped off just outside of the range of their anti air missle pods. The group quickly hid to avoid detection, and was able to get the drop on a two man team riding by patrolling on a snow speeder. Rorryk and Willy posed as prisoners,so that Kernel and Sobrask could escort them in disguised as security. Strythus climbed up into a tree and set up shop with his sniper rifle. The infiltration team was able to get inside and start working their way to the safe,and after the alarm had been sounded Strythus utilized his expert sniper skills to take out a large number of guards. Before long the team had routed security and convinced the Senator who was hiding deep inside of the complex to order his men to stand down. Sobrask was able to hack into the safe and withdraw the second fragment. Not wanting to leave any witnesses, Kernel, Willy,and Sobrask did away with the remaining security guards. On the way back Strythus had another vision of Lowkuum. He told him they very well could be together again soon. But he told him that if he wanted to join him on his journey, he would have to let go. Strythus asked what he would have to let go of. Lowkuum responded:”Everything, but if you fall, I will be there to catch you.”(I admit I took that line from a great episode of Bablyon 5) Back at the warehouse the group turned over the fragment piece, and Sobrask got to work on combining it with the fragment that Garvin had turned over. While the group was out in the front lawn 4 drop pods descended down around them loaded with attack droids. After a few rounds of combat another combatant flew down and landed creating a crater. When the smoke cleared Strythus(a cyrian) recognized the cyborg in front of him as Deuxama, one of his lost honor wives. The battle continued and shortly thereafter Strythus heard Lowkuums voice in his ear:”You have to let go.” Strythus let go, and Deuxama rushed in with 4 vibro swords and cut him down. Strythus felt himself falling backward, but instead of hitting the ground he continued to fall, and Lowkuum caught him and carried him away. Drayken screamed out and rushed to his fallen comrades side and cradled him. With tears in his eyes he warned Deuxama that she had 2 seconds to leave before he gunned her down. She called off her attack droids and flew back up into the sky.(I was very in character at this point, and shed manly tears,do a google image search for it) After this Drayken declared a day of mourning throughout the entire Scourge Privateer network. All operations ceased by anyone under their banner throughout the galaxy. The next day operations resumed and the group went out to the location that Lowkuum gave them to get the final part of the shadow cure. The cure was needed to help restore Drayken since he had been very unbalanced from having Ja’eel put inside of his mind. They went there and discovered a large metal tower that was in the center of a bay. Just before they swam under to find an entrance Kernel noticed a disturbance in the force. Something large and sentient was in pain. When they found their way inside there was a group of dark jedi inside being led by a man that had some of Malice’s features in his face. As the party fought past some of his henchmen one of his assistants used the force to pull large tentacles up from the water, he then blasted them with force lightning. This resulted in large tentacles coming up from all around from the water. Several of the henchmen were pulled under as the battle continued. Upon seeing an opening, the dark Jedi’s leader grabbed Kernel by using the force, and slammed him down ontop of one of the tentacles. It promptly grabbed him, and pulled him under the water. At the bottom underneath the spire was a large amphibious creature that was being held prisoner. Kernel used the force to tell the creature that he wasn’t it’s enemy as it was about to eat him. The message got through and Kernel was brought back up to the surface safely. When he returned the rest of the party was able to dispatch the rest of the Dark Jedi. They proceeded to the second floor of the spire and retrieved the final part of the cure they needed. They turned over the final cure piece to Dylan and he administered a special dose to Drayken, and then departed to provide his companions that were hiding out under the city the much needed cure. The party then went back on the chase for the Ubese fragments.The next fragment was stored inside of a private storage locker that the group was able to infiltrate and escape from successfully. Then posing as a security installation team they snuck into the last senators vacation home and stole the final piece. Sobrask decrypted the data and recompiled it, and the party set off to a construction site where they could send the data out to the planet on a priority 1 signal. To get to the top floor Daniel operated a boom lift and started to send the group up on a large metal slab. On the way up two of Malice’s agents descended upon them in an attempt to stop them. They were a Jedi type fighter and a Martial Artist. After a fierce battle Rorryk was able to cripple the Jedi, once he did this the martial artist asked them to stop fighting. He explained that they had won, he was only there out of a blood oath to his friend. With him defeated he had no interest in fighting with them. The team then proceeded to the roof and broadcast the signal successfully. Shortly after the data went up Garvin came forward with a press conference where he came forward with a statement taking responsibility and promising to do what he could to make reparations with any survivors of UbaIV. The party returned to base victorious and Drayken had an ensemble orchestra waiting for them to play victory music. The celebration was cut short when a large amount of police cars and S.W.A.T teams showed up with a warrant for the arrest of Drayken and his men. The mysterious man Gray met them in the courtroom to advise them as he hadn’t finished registering his law credentials on the planet. The party hadn’t either, but Minsrelix law permits the accused to defend themselves. Kernel was elected to defend the party and the trial began. Several witnesses were called forward to testify for and against the party over their actions since they arrived on the planet a few months ago. In the end Kernel and Rorryk with strong support from Gray were able to put forward a strong enough case to get a unanimous decision in their favor. The opposing lawyer promptly left the scene immediately after the verdict was read. There was a round of applause from the verdict and the party including Drayken were released and their personal effects were returned. The following day Rorryk went to Zeke, the information broker, and provided him with a data pad /day planner that he was able to take from the senators home where the final fragment was found. Zeke agreed to start working, but shortly after that he disappeared. Rorryk got to work on trying to track Zeke down. His leads led him to a private booth of the nefarious leader of the drug ring. The Twi’lek had Zeke in captivity, an evil looking swordsman was using him for a footstool. After a few shouts were exchanged Rorryk flew in to a rage and tried to attack him with the bayonet on his bowcaster. The attack had an unexpected effect, as the blade pressed into him harmlessly, and he was attacked from every direction by his crew. The fight ended badly with Rorryk knocked out on the floor, and Phloon blasted out of the room with a shotgun. Through the whole battle a mysterious female clapped and laughed at the whole show, and convinced the angered Twi’lek not to kill the wookie. Ploon and Kernel dragged Rorryk back to the warehouse in defeat, and Dylan worked on getting him healed up. Later on in the night a car pulled up to the warehouse, dumped a body, and then sped away. The body turned out to be a bloodied and broken Zeke. Rorryk quickly carried him inside to get medical attention.

THERE 15 HOURS OF RPGING RECAPPED! I’ll fill in the part about Sobrask infiltrating the mayors office later on.


he was such a good guy wipes tear off face he will be missed tear

but hey, now he has a shrine to him! haha

Last Game Recap

you forgot the parts about daniel not on speaking terms with willy, willy rappeling over a wall with an ascension gun and then running away, draykin painting willy red, the mansion invasion and the warehouse invasion and the meeting of gregory

Last Game Recap

Ok, the warehouse and mansion parts were skimmed over since you were basically able to dance in and out, but they were covered. I left out the stuff about Willy because 1 everybody remembers it and 2 it makes him look bad. If I covered everything Kevin did it could come across that I’m picking on him.

But the stuff about the red paint….yeah I forgot about that. Now I have to figure out where in the line of events that it happened.

Thanks for reminding me about Gregory, I’ll add him in as an NPC and his involvement will be covered there.

Thanks Luke.

Last Game Recap

do i get an action point?

Last Game Recap

Action points are earned in game. So sadly no. But if you are interested in earning them, try to do more cinematic stunts in the game. You have a really good jump check, so try to do more daredevil jumps.

Will this Saturday work out for you?

Last Game Recap

unlikely due to painting the bathroom. but if somehow it does work out ill let you know. heather has been pumped to paint, but i would probably get in the way an end up being banished to the couch anyways. we’ll see

Last Game Recap

I have a feeling that since I encountered the slaver gang I belonged to, my past is going to catch up pretty soon. Also, I have to work 1-5 on saturday.

Last Game Recap

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