Planet Ordoga

Last adventure


The players entered the subconscious of Luke’s AWESOME Wookie character to root out the infection Malice had placed there. They fought through several encounters with Malice’s avatars and cut off a flow of green energy that he was using to bore deeper down into Luke’s AWESOME subconscious. The root of the infection was at a deeper level that the players are as of yet unable to access, but they bought him some much needed time so that he wouldn’t need to fear an immediate take over of his body and mind.

After those events the party followed up on a lead that came to Strythus in a dream. Lowkuum appeared to him and gave him a set of coordinates and a puzzle box. The coordinates led to an underground prison layered with traps and guards. After avoiding the traps and defeating the guards they were able to open up the central cell to uncover a much older Lowkuum who took the box and opened it. After seeing the contents he was happy, and left with some encouraging words for Strythus. Strythus expressed a desire to study under Lowkuum and follow him. Lowkuum responded by telling him that they very well may meet again. Strythus was also rewarded by discovering a device that he could use for an interface for his armor that would allow a battle program to auto fire his shoulder mounted grenade launcher. The party returned to the warehouse, where Hammer and Scotty got back to work on the armor.


had to make a minor tweak to one of the details about my character…

Last adventure

Oh you…...

Last adventure

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