Planet Ordoga

Story so far

brief recap

The hero’s arrive on Planet Ordoga originally to assist the overwhelmed police force as there are two major gangs that have stepped in to fill the power vacuum as the Empire has pulled out just before their defeat at the hands of the Rebel Alliance. After a shot time spent on the planet they discover that the planet is caught in the middle of an extra dimensional war between servants of the Abyss Dragon, The Star Dragon Tenryu, and the Lost Brother. While the Dragons offer up different paths to salvation for those who seek it, the Lost Brother lost his way when he decided that to help his brothers collect souls to grant them salvation, that he would kill as many sentient creatures as possible. Servants of all three have been spotted on planet Ordoga.

There are several major plot points that can be pursued

The Ubese disaster cover up. In the days of the old republic the Uba planets were devastated by a secret Republic preemptive strike that nearly wiped out a whole species of people. The tragedy was covered up, but there is proof of the conspiracy hidden somewhere on planet Ordoga.

The warring gangs, one focusing on human trafficing, and the other in the drug trades which is possibly being supplied by a mega corp called Gen-Tek.

A group of force users were poisoned cursing them with the need to feed on the force energy of living beings. A cure must be found or they will begin to attack and feed on the innocent.



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