R5 Astromech Droid


DEX – 15
STR – 16
CHA – 9
INT – 18
WIS – 14

Int +2
Cha – 2
Ref +1
Stealth +5
Speed – 6

Equipment – Wheeled locomotion, walking locomotion, magnetic feet, heruistic processor, 6 tool appendages, 1 claw appendage, 1 astrogation buffer, diagnostics package, internal storage (2kg).

Skills – Mechanics, Use Computer (Focus), Stealth, Perception, Initiative, Pilot, Knowledge: Technology, Deception, Persuasion

Point Blank Shot
Weapon Proficiency – Pistols
Weapon Porf – Simple
Talent – Electronic Forgery

Level 2 Scoundrel Feat – HP+2 – Brilliant Defense
Level 3 Independent Droid – HP+9- (TFU) Talent: Hotwired Processor
Bonus Feat – Gearhead

100 – vocabulator
300 – darkvision
200 – internal grapple gun
20 – mesh tape dispenser
500 – internal comlink
750 – subrepeating blaster pistol
25 – knife

160 – multifunction apparatus
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This was just the stuff I had available on him, I still need to go through the stats and make sure the items and all are correct but this is the R5 droid.

Backstory: An R5 droid with a behavioral problem, original designed as an undercover assassin droid. After getting caught after an assassination the security team demanded a memory wipe and reprogramming of the droids functions which wasn’t 100% succesful. The reprogramming attempt resulted in a split personality which can be easily seen in combat situations when the ex-assassin model shows through. When not in a combat situation, Pinky tends to get very nervous or anxious and can be uncomfortable doing even the most basic tasks. After some coaxing or encouragement, he tends to shine through as an excellent astromech.


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